A day in the life of a breastfeeding Mama

A day in the life of a breastfeeding Mama

Can we just talk about breastfeeding for one moment? I feel like it's a topic that's not discussed enough. I can tell you now that breastfeeding hasn't been the easiest thing by far, but it's definitely been the most rewarding.

It's a tough job, worrying about your supply or if your baby is getting enough, what if your baby is still hungry? What if she's not getting anything at all? What if my supply drops? Why won't any milk come out when I pump? Why are my nipples so sore? Am I going to get mastitis? Can I eat this or can I drink this? These are all questions I've asked myself over the last 5.5 months. I can remember on so many occasions how close I was to giving up because I just felt like I was failing as a breastfeeding mother, and Scarlett and I definitely haven't had the easiest breastfeeding journey to date, but it's made our Bond so strong.

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Breastfeeding isn't a constant cycle of the "same" it's an ever changing thing, as your baby grows you have to find new ways of doing things that work for you and ways of Ensuring your baby is getting enough.

Personally in the last month my supply has been dropping, and Scarlett has be getting frustrated because it's just not coming quick enough for her. I tried so many methods of increasing My supply, which worked for a couple of days, and then stopped once again. I came across @milkandcookiesbyjewels on Instagram, and I will admit I was sceptical. However, I took the plunge and ordered some not expecting them to make any difference.. But let me tell you, I'm on day 5 of having 1-2 of her cookies per day, and WOW! I can see such a difference already, I am able to pump at least an extra 60ml after every BIG feed Scarlett has, my boobs feel fuller & my milk looks creamier.

Scarlett isn't getting as frustrated & this mumma is feeling confident once again in her feeding journey! I highly suggest everyone give milk & cookies by Jewels a go, they're amazing.

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