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Advantages of the Wearable Breast Pumps in Australia

It’s official. Breastfeeding mamas love our hands-free wearable silicone breast pump. The compact size means that the electric suction breast pump can fit comfortably inside your nursing bra. You can go about your daily tasks and forget that you’re even wearing one! milk & cookies by Jewels give you the tips and tricks our mamas use to boost their supply of mother’s milk (hint: breastfeeding chocolate and breastfeeding biscuits)! 

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Why You Would Use a Suction Breast Pump

There are so many reasons why you’d want to use a suction breast pump. You may not want to or be able to breastfeed for medical or personal reasons. You may be away from your baby during the day. Sometimes little bubs have trouble latching on and suckling enough milk. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a smart idea to back up your precious mama’s milk with a breast pump! 

Tips to Help you to Express Breast Milk

Boosting your milk supply with our results-proven breastfeeding cookies or breastfeeding chocolate can help with expressing more milk and easing the anxiety of new mums. Skin to skin contact with your baby increases relaxation and promotes the connection of love between the mother and baby. This bond can help to initiate letdown, so we recommend a cuddle with your bub when expressing, too!

Why You Need the Wearable Silicone Breast Pump

With the discreet Mumilk wearable silicone breast pump you won’t be plugged into a power socket, waiting for your day to start. When you’re hands free, it will make expressing your breast milk easier. The Mumilk wearable breast pump is hospital grade. There’s also no dangling bottles or cords. You can even buy and wear two at once for double the milk supply! 

The breast pump has a soft and oh-so-comfortable silicone cup and a number of electric settings that will help draw out your milk.

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