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CELEBRATING BIRTH : The birth of Luca

Kim, Mama to Luca (now 8months old) has been eating our lactation cookies every second day since his birth to support her breastfeeding journey. Whilst we recommend most mothers to have one of our breastfeeding cookies daily, this Mum responds too well (think engorgement and SO MUCH MILK!!) so she's found eating them on alternating days to do just the trick to keep her milk supply happy.

breastfeeding mum eating her lactation cookie

Being a first time Mum, Kim didn't expect her birth to be quite so fast... here's her story....

At 38 + 2 weeks pregnant I woke up to what seemed like just another morning . I had an eyebrow appointment booked for 10am and was ready to have my flawless beauty look sorted for the arrival of our baby boy.

At around 7:45am much to my surprise I felt a gush of water. I went to the bathroom and then returned to bed. Being my first pregnancy I remember in the antenatal class something about your water breaking and to be sure you should replace your pad and lie back down, then when you get up you’d get a big gush of water. Soon after returning to bed the gush was unstoppable. I raced back to the bathroom and called Max - who was downstairs exercising to tell him I think he’s going to meet his baby boy today.

He rushed upstairs to see if I was ok.  At this point I had minor contractions (which only started after my waters broke) and I insisted on a nice long shower before heading to the hospital later that day/evening. We’d planned on getting a TENS machine to help with the contractions and so we could stay at home as long as possible. Max drove to the pharmacy (which is only a couple of kms away) to get one. He was back within 20 mins.

During the time he was gone my nice relaxing hot shower panned out completely different to what I had envisioned. Within a few minutes my contractions became very intense and with no real break in between. Max got home to me struggling to stand in the shower not really sure what to do next.

I managed to get out of the shower and put the TENS machine on. I turned it up to the highest setting and tried the “boost” button during the contractions which were now more intense and even more frequent. I couldn’t tell if the TENS was helping at all. In 10 minutes I was having 4 + contractions lasting up to a minute with what seemed like no break in between.

Max called the hospital. Their main concern was if I’d felt Luca move that morning. In between crazy contractions I couldn’t believe that was their worry. “Felt him move?!” I asked. “How on earth am I meant to feel him move during the contractions?!” They advised us to come in for monitoring but insisted I eat BEFORE we come. No one realised just how close we were to meeting our baby.

Max raced downstairs and made me a bowl of weetbix.

Knelt over on the ground in our room with the bowl on the floor between contractions I was trying to get food down. All the while Max was putting my hospital bag (which I luckily had packed a couple of days before) in the car.

Now the drive to the hospital was no joke. Between contractions I was sipping Powerade - long story short, I needed glucose to counteract increased porphyrins due to porphyria (genetic condition) and to help with a smooth delivery of our baby boy. It’s a 15 minute drive which Max handled very well. Myself on the other hand, trying to breathe through contractions and drink Powerade in what felt like 3s between contractions made the trip feel like an hour.

We arrived outside the hospital around 9:15am, with no time to find an actual park we risked the 15 minute park and tried to get inside the hospital. I opened the door but another contraction stopped me in my tracks. In the next break I waddled as quickly as I could into the front door. A nurse was coming by and managed to sneak a wheelchair under me as I was crouching into another contraction. Unable to sit straight in the chair Max raced me the the elevator.

Now the next few minutes are a bit of a blur for me. We got into the reception area in which they wanted my details “Birthing suites, where are the birthing suites” Max exclaimed. Before asking for another detail I had another contraction, once the staff experienced that with me all questions were pushed aside and into the suite we went.

Kneeling on the side of the bed I was trying to breathe through contractions. I was given the gas which felt like it was doing nothing I begged for an epidural (an early epidural was in our birthing plan - again to help with the porphyria). The staff needed to conduct some tests prior to administering the epidural and I was adamant I could keep still during contractions for them to insert the cannula in order to get blood for the tests. The cannula was in and the tests were being done. At this point it was the first time I was being checked.

I laid on the bed and the next words “we’ll just see how you go pushing” still repeat in me head to this day. I knew there was no epidural. It was just me, the power of my body and Max’s support getting me through this. 6 contractions later at 10:07am little Luca entered the world. He was the most perfect little human. We were able to have delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin and our little champion latched straight away. It was the best start to motherhood.

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As it turns out I was fully dilated upon arrival to the hospital. I was also stopping the urge of pushing for the last few minutes of the car ride. Total labour of under 3 hrs from waters breaking and no prior contractions. Now I never thought I’d have to worry about car births but our next pregnancy I think I’ll be camping outside the hospital from 37 week

newborn baby just born

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