Eeeep I'm pregnant!! My 1st trimester with bub no. 3

Eeeep I'm pregnant!! My 1st trimester with bub no. 3

Those who have followed myself for some time will know that I am super clucky!! Have been for years... my Hubby Chris & I have always known a 3rd babe was for us...but knew that we needed to focus on our energy on our Chelsea & Scarlett for a bit longer, allow milk & cookies by Jewels to grow & establish itself before I became preggers.

milk and cookies by jewels

Easier said than done when you're super clucky!! And when your line of work is supporting Mamas with all these adorable babies- you have no chance to avoid the cluckies!! 

2018 has seen me deep dive into the world of essential oils- and I have seen myself how they can support my emotional well being, immune system & become a part of my skin care regime.  Which is why I stock the @thecalmcompound 'Lactation' essential oil roller (to support lactation & furter boost supply) because I have experienced the power of these oils first hand. So naturally, I used @thecalmcompound 'Fertility' roller day & night over my pelvis prior to trying for this bub.

doterra essential oils

Along with this- the beautiful Mamas @mamabodytea stocked me up with their 'Fertility' tea- which I drank twice a day.  All of their teas are divine on the palette & pair perfectly with your lactation cookies.

breastfeeding tea | mama body tea

One last Insta Mama who knew prior to conceiving that I was even trying (apart from my gang of real life besties!) was @aliceinhealthyland ... shout out to her for her emotional support.

alice in healthyland

What a tribe of women to have on your side prior to even conceiving!! WOW.

I'm someone who is pretty in tune with their body & emotions and I'm a huge believer in "following your gut".  Only 72hrs post ovulation... I was driving this huge truck (that's another story) from Ballarat to Melbourne for a baby conference expo (Mummycon) and I had my bestie on speaker ... and I said to her "I think I'm pregnant.  I just have this feeling.  I feel hot all over'.

My intuition was spot on. I was pregnant!!

But I didn't find out for sure until 10 days later.

I googled the most sensitive early pregnancy tests & visited 3 seperate supermarkets before I found the one I wanted lol!!!

One afternoon- Chris & the kiddies were in the backyard playing soccer so I saw my window of opportunity to sneak in a quick test & a couple of mins later I saw what every Mama who is desperate to become preggers saw- my BFP 



I ran outside and slipped the stick into hubby's pocket... and the look of delight on his face whilst absorbing this news and also kicking the soccer ball with the girls is something I will always remember.  Pure happiness.

Fast foward to 6-11 weeks pregnant and nausea had me feeling less than desirable.  I had some nausea with the girls but never like this.  On and off all day morning sickness and it was a juggle to keep things tracking as normal and show my face on insta stories!! Thank goodness for medication, self grit & faith that this too shall pass.  Big love to the ladies that suffer from HG (I can only imagine how isolating and terrible it must be).  I am one of the luckier ones as it has lessened and I think as I get further along into my second trimester- it will ease even further.

I am rocking a thigh high compression tight!! So sexy lol Thank goodness it's cold in Victoria. I suffered from a 15cm blood clot last pregnancy in my leg & injected clexane for the remainder of my pregnancy.  Those same veins are angry again (thanks hormones!) so hoping to avoid that this time.

Chelsea & Scarlett found out they had a baby sister on the way on the day of my 12 week scan.  Being nearly 4 and  5 years old- they were able to take in this news and their reaction was beyond adorable.  Think little hands wrapping around my neck kissing and hugging and more kissing and thanking over and over to Mummy & Daddy for giving them a baby. When we came out of the scan, they announced to the entire radiology waiting room that 'Mummy was having a baby' and our family was given a round of applause!! Hahahhahah too funny & cute.

12 week ultrasound

Here is their little happy faces enjoying post scan pancakes :)

lactation cookies

And that night I FINALLY shared the news with YOU!! My AMAZING tribe of @milkandcookiesbyjewels Mamas and WOW your response was overwhelming & so heartwarming.  I have read each & every comment and cannot express the love & thanks to each and every one of you.

pregnancy announcement | milk and cookies byjewels

When I first started baking in 2015 I could never have imagined that it would be anything more than supporting some fellow local Mummies... saving myself from PND... giving myself a sense of self... to an actual biz... to now having a tribe of 23,000 women across instagram & facebook all cheering me on & getting behind me as we take @milkandcookiesbyjewels nationwide!! Eeeep. 

pregnancy announcement

It's flippin incredible what women can achieve when we get behind eachother!!

Cheers to each and every one of you with a cup of breastfeeding tea which is available here & a delish milk boosting lactation cookie which is available here.  Oh and If you really want to boost your milk supply- you must try the 'lactation' essential oil roller which is available here.

Can't wait to share bump pics & trimester 2 with you.


milk and cookies by jewels






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    Congrats! Loved reading about your announcement. I need some of your girl baby dust this way! Haha! Your girls faces were priceless! God Bless you Moma!

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