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How Long Does It Take for Lactation Cookies to Work?

Lactation cookies are used by many mums in Australia who want to increase their milk supply. The main ingredient responsible for the beneficial effects of lactation cookies is the specially-sourced yeast which cannot be substituted by any other ingredient. The lactation biscuits also include oats and flax, which are excellent sources for increasing the milk supply. The nutrition experts at milk & cookies by Jewels have provided Luxe lactation cookies for the modern mama in Australia for years now. The results of our breastfeeding biscuits are proven and have helped thousands of mums increase their milk supply. However, there’s one question that mums don’t always know the answer to, and that is the time for which the lactation biscuits need to start yielding results. Our nutrition experts explain.

Length of Time Needed for Lactation Biscuits to Work

Depending on your body, health, and other factors, mums usually start seeing results of breastfeeding biscuits within one or two days. After that time, you will notice a noticeable and immediate boost in milk supply. As you might already know, each person will experience different results when taking a supplement, vitamin, or medication. The same applies to lactation biscuits. Whether you consume homemade or store-bought healthy lactation cookies, you can expect to see the results of the increase in milk supply within 24 hours or a couple of days.

Nursing and Expressing Milk

It is essential to continue nursing and expressing milk frequently and adequately when you add supplements to your diet to promote breastfeeding and increase milk supply.

Buy Healthy Lactation Cookies in Australia

At milk & cookies by Jewels, we provide the beautiful mamas in Australia with luxurious and healthy lactation cookies to promote and increase their milk supply. The results of our cookies are proven and have helped countless Australian mums with their breastfeeding! Reach out online to our nutrition specialists today or email

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