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Julia Hoyne lactation cookies

I’ve been wondering… who in their right mind created this idea that breastfeeding is oh so natural and just happens so easily!?? …. that once your baby is born, they just glide on and off your breast with ease and it just continues like this for months to come.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure for a handful of women this is true and wow, that’s amazing and just fabulous.
BUT, for the rest of us, IT CAN BE hard yacka, especially in those early days. Really hard yacka!
Think hot, engorged, painful breasts, nipples that feel like they may fall off with a sudden gust of wind and oh my goodness what is this cluster night feeding that no one tells you about?! The night, after night of cluster feeding and always doubting my supply was a very stressful time for me. I felt very alone in my experience and was struggling to see the light at the end of this crazy new experience that was now, motherhood.

Lactation cookies contain 3 key ingredients- brewers yeast, flax seed and oats, also known as the little stars of the show that promote lactation. Brewers yeast also has the added benefit of helping to aid digestion and balance blood sugar levels, which is just ideal for any busy mummy.

The season that is pregnancy and motherhood is beautiful and amazing… without a doubt, BUT it is also challenging, hard, often emotional and sometimes it can be a little lonely.

Now I’d be fibbing if I said milk & cookies by Jewels began because I could see the need for a supportive network for new mums and a product that was delish and actually worked. I can say that with such confidence and excitement now, but back then milk & cookies by Jewels began as a hobby. The simple pleasure of creaming butter with sugar brought such a simple joy that I found myself baking more and more. Word began to spread within the community that there was this ‘cookie lady baking delicious, magic lactation cookies’ and as they say, the rest is history!!


lactation cookies for breastfeeding mums


Wow, what an amazing ride we have been on now baking hundreds of batches per week for mums all over Australia! I say, as we now have a small team baking to keep up with the demand every week.

I feel so very blessed to have such a beautiful tribe of women following and supporting our endeavour to make breastfeeding that little bit easier for you.

We have such a beautiful tribe of mummies subscribed to our milk & cookies by Jewels MAMA TRIBE and would love you to be one of those too via the footer of the homepage.

If you haven’t tried our cookies- YOU MUST!!! They are simply divine and we giggle as husbands seem to be eating them just as much as you!

lactation cookies

My wish- that when you open your tin of milk & cookies by Jewels you feel supported, cared for and excited to make a cup of tea & savour your cookie.

Take care Mama.

Much love

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