lactation granola smoothie bowl boost milk supply


smoothie bowl boost milk supply breastfeeding mum

I think by now you well and truly know that I LOVE good food!!

And by good food- I mean food that is visually so appealing that you can almost taste it before you've tasted it. And then when you do taste it .... it's even better than you thought.  My taste buds sing and that makes me happy.

This chocolate smoothie bowl topped with my lactation granola is one of these!!! (AMAZING FOODS) and even better- it's jam packed with nutrition. Whilst it looks naughty, it's actually very nourishing and so healthy for you.

lactation granola boost milk supply

More milk for your bub whilst you start the day in style.

Here is how I make mine (note: this recipe is very forgiving and you can substitute and omit ingredients if you don't have them on hand)

1 frozen banana ( sliced up so it blends easier)

A good splash of coconut milk

1 tbs nut butter

1 tbs cacao powder

I add a smidge of agave for sweetness (you could drizzle honey, maple syrup etc... if you like it sweeter)

note: A sprinkle of chia & a couple of dates work well in here too.

Blitz and pour into a bowl.

Top with you milk & cookies by Jewels LACTATION GRANOLA and voila Mama you have yourself a super sexy breakfast. Enjoy!!

Make sure you tag me in your foodie pics on Insta- I can't wait to see your milk boosting creations!!

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boost milk supply breastfeeding 



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