Where Does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Fit into My Daily Breastfeeding Routine?

Where Does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Fit into My Daily Breastfeeding Routine?

The Haakaa breast pump can be used at the same time as nursing. That’s right, you can do both at once! Here at milk & cookies by Jewels, we recommend using this amazing, comfortable breast pump for the first breastfeed of the day, so there is enough milk for both your infant and the backup supply. Read on to find out more.

Why Do You Need a Silicone Breast Pump?

If you've ever breastfed, you'll know that your milk is likely to flow on both sides as soon as your infant latches on. So, unless you're nursing twins, that's a lot of milk wasted! Enter the hands-free, user-friendly, and affordable milk catcher, the Haakaa breast pump Australia. This breast pump is intended to put an end to wasted milk.

Is the Haakaa Easy and Safe to Use?

The Haakaa breast pump collects milk from one breast, while your baby feeds on the other.

It's totally dishwasher-safe and made entirely out of food-grade silicone. You can pump on the move with the Haakaa, because it doesn't have any small, complicated parts and it doesn't need a power plug, unlike an electric breast pump. Simply put, it's the miracle product you've been looking for, to make breastfeeding and expressing that much easier!

How to Use a Haakaa While Breast-Feeding

It's simple! Stick to these easy instructions and you'll be juggling the breast pump in one hand and the baby in the other in no time.

  • First, latch your baby to the breast.
  • The flange on the breast pump should be folded down. 
  • Squeeze the base of the pump, so that it can attach to the second breast. 
  • The pump can now work while your baby is feeding.
  • Once your baby is done, use your finger to release the breast pump's suction.
  • Reconnect the pump to the side that the baby has just been feeding on.
  • You might get more milk there, depending on whether there is another let down.

Get Your Breast Pump Today

No more wasted milk! Get your Haakaa breast pump Australia from milk & cookies by Jewels today.


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