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Why Collect Colostrum Antenatally? Part 2

The benefits of collecting colostrum during your pregnancy aren’t just for your baby! There's a massive benefit in getting to know your own body and breasts, before you must rely on them all the time for nursing your newborn.

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Prep for Nursing

Colostrum is the first milk that your body produces for your baby. Some pregnant women may feel it oozing from their breasts or on their nipples while pregnant.

We recommend that you express colostrum from the breast by hand, throughout the course of the pregnancy. It's collected with needleless syringes, frozen, and brought to the hospital or birthing facility with the expectant mother.

While antenatal colostrum collection has incredible potential health advantages for bub, it also gives mum a tremendous confidence boost, too. If you're about to become a new mother, this can be the best way to prepare yourself to start nursing.

How to Collect Colostrum

First, take a warm shower so you're ready to go. Massage your breast tissue, then express the colostrum by hand, into a container such as a bottle or a cup. If you prefer, you can use a suction breast pump to do the job for you.

Use a sterile needleless syringe to suck up the colostrum. 1 or 5 mL should do the trick! It doesn't hurt to attach a label on the syringe to show the date of collection. Colostrum will last as long as regular breastmilk does.

Once you’re done, pop it in the freezer, ready to be thawed and used once your baby has arrived! You can express colostrum up to three times each day.

Get Started with Colostrum

Want to boost the formation of colostrum as much as you can? Look at our choc chip lactation cookies and the suction breast pump from our online store here at milk & cookies by Jewels. The best time to get started is in your 36th week of pregnancy.

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