Wearable Electric Breast Pump | Mumilk PRO

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The hands free wearable electric breast pump every breastfeeding Mum in Australia needs

We know how busy being a breastfeeding Mum can be and we know you don't have the time to be stuck at the power socket expressing breast milk.

Light, discreet and cordless- the Mumilk wearable electric breast pump PRO easily tucks inside your nursing bra so that you can have the freedom to move about as you express your precious breast milk.  There are no dangling bottles or cords to consider. Literally tuck this pump inside your breastfeeding bra (we recommend the bubba bump nursing bras for their stretch but firm support click here) and you can get about on your day.

Hospital Grade breast pump on par with medela or spectra brands

With a vacuum range of up to 300mmHg, this pump has the suction level considered "hospital grade".

  • USB charged with a charging time of approximately 2hrs.
  • The Mumilk wearable pump PRO provides 70-80mins of usage time, with an auto shut off at the 20 minute mark.
  • 3 modes: massage, suction and automatic (combination of massage and suction)
  • 12 adjustable levels of suction
  • 24mm flange size
  • 180ml capacity
  • Easy assemble and disassemble, wash and sterilise. (Note: Do not place any parts of the pump in the dishwasher)
  • BPA FREE made using food grade material

When is the best time to express breast milk with a breast pump?

We recommend pumping in the mornings as you will be the most full and likely to yield the best results.  We suggest breastfeeding your baby for that first morning feed.  Wait 45mins -1 hour and then tuck in your wearable breast pumps in your nursing bra and express.  The timing of this should enable you to build up a beautiful stash of breast milk in the freezer whilst ensuring your baby is well fed too.

Due to the delicate nature of the silicone valve and to ensure that best output of milk, we recommend changing over the valve for the mumilk PRO every 5-6 weeks.  Spare valve parts are available here at milk & cookies by Jewels.


Customer Reviews

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Comftable to wear


Leaks underneath if you've got large boobs/ tummy. Lifts off your skin and i lost that liquid gold too many times that i stopped using it

Given me back some freedom

I bought two of the pumps so I could express both sides in minimal time. As a Mum of three I need every spare minute I can get and these pumps have allowed me the freedom to pump and get some things done. I now use these in the day and my spectra in the evening/night. They stay put in my bra as long as i don’t bend over etc. I can now help my older children with breakfast or wash bottles, fold laundry etc, rather than being chained to the sofa.

I would say though that they are quite noisy, for example I answered a phone call and the person on the other end asked what the noise was. I have only used them at home so far but would maybe take them if I had a long car journey, but certainly not out in public. I also bought additional flange inserts so it’s the perfect fit for me which I highly recommend. It just means the pumping is more comfortable and you get more milk out.


I used your cookies with my first child and seen progress after 1 night, I have now bought your cookies to start the process from 36 weeks which is next week 😍 and can’t wait to use your breast pump with all of the amazing reviews I have seen!

Helped boost my supply

Love the mumilk pro! Great for around the house and in the car, fairly quiet however not very discreet...does the job well and I would highly recommended.