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Wife to my best mate and Mum to our 3 darling girls. Our staffy Stella is the fourth baby of our family and this Mama is a little besotted.

I live for coffee!! (the aroma, the experience- it literally fills my cup *excuse the pun!)

Being out in the garden in the sunshine fills my soul.

I thrive on deep connection and just love connecting with other women.  I'm always up for a chit chat and have so much love to give.

Being a doula is true soul work for myself.  It's not lost on myself the absolute privilege it is to be invited into someone's birthing space.

I'm so pleased you're here reading this beautiful because it means you're considering having a doula to support you & that is just the beginning of empowered, beautiful decision making, where you're in control.

Many of you will know myself as Jewels from milk & cookies by Jewels. You may have eaten my lactation cookies in your previous breastfeeding journey too. If that's you, thank you for your love and loyalty all of these years, it truly means so much.  Whilst I absolutely loved my food chapter with milk & cookies by Jewels, it was time that I follow my heart and step into a greater version of myself- a birth and postpartum doula.  The years that I spent educating, supporting and cheering on pregnant and postpartum women has truly led myself to where I am today.  Mothers deserve so much more. So much more support, guidance and love as they navigate the biggest season of their life.  So here I am today, trained through the Australian Doula College having meaningful impact on those I am honoured to support.

I truly believe that everyone, especially women (and even more so mothers) have the strongest sense of intuition.  That inner knowing is your superpower girl.  I believe the connection between the mind and body go hand in hand.  I've witnessed first hand how this plays out in labour.  Birth as a rite of passage where we give time, respect, space and flow is simply magic.

Yes as you may have guessed, I'm wildy passionate about physiological birth.  The delicate dance of hormones and the communication between your baby and your body will forever amaze me.  It seriously lights me up.

BUT... what I am the most passionate about is YOU my darling Mama.  What you want your birth to look and feel like is what I want for you. 

As your doula, I am all in for you.

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How you feel matters, so much.  Over the years working so closely with newly postpartum Mums, I've come to realise from the collective experience that it's actually not the birth outcome that defines how you feel about your birth experience, it's how you were made to feel throughout your pregnancy, labour and delivery.  Somewhere along the way, the Australian maternity healthcare system shifted its focus to managing labour as a medical event (rather than respecting and witnessing it for the physiological process that is inherently is), with the application of time constraints & greater focus of scheduling of patients which has seen such a shift of power and a subsequent rise in reported birth trauma.

Let's work together to bring all the power back to you gorgeous Mama. 

ballarat doula

Your mind is stronger than you know.  I am so passionate to bring birth back to the mother- trusting implicity in your body and baby.  I'm here to help you and your partner navigate the modern hospital system, making informed decisions that align, flow and just feel so good for you.

Your birth is truly transformative and something you will circle back to over and over again in your lifetime.  For this reason alone, this sacred time and shift in your personal identity as a woman and now as a mother deserves profound support, non biased education and a bucket load of love.  I'm here to support you, guide you, anchor you when needed and remind you just how amazing you truly are so that you can flourish and come into your own in this season of your life.

I've got your gorgeous.

Let's chat.