Antenatal colostrum expressing kit

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COLOSTRUM is literally #liquidgold - gold in colour, priceless in value.

Full of antibodies, rich in protein, vitamins & minerals - it's the ideal first food ie.milk for your baby to consume.  Having  a stash on hand for those first few days post birth can be such a saving grace.  You can think of it a bit like an insurance policy for protecting your breastfeeding.

Our birth culture in Australia does see a number of common interventions occur which can in turn influence breastfeeding outcomes. Your baby's alertness, ability to navigate the breast and then feed effectively in those first 24-48hrs can be shaped by the way in which birth has unfolded.  Whilst you can't always control all the finer details of birth, you can be armed with knowledge, a stash of colostrum already expressed during your pregnancy & be empowered that you have a back up breastfeeding plan if needed. If for some reason baby isn't able to suckle immediately from your breast, a syringe of your frozen colostrum is literally priceless and can avoid the need to supplement with anything else.

Many women have also reported using expressed colostrum on night two after multiple hour stints of cluster feeding of baby trying to bring their milk in where the new Mum just needs a physical and emotional breather.  Whilst we remind you that cluster feeding is a good thing and one we encourage you to persevere, here at milk & cookies by Jewels, we're huge advocates for maternal mental health and recognise that a syringe of colostrum in this scenario can again be such a saving grace.

Most women produce colostrum prior to the birth of their baby and with the correct technique & guidance, are able to express & store it in the freezer.  In this luxe but oh so practical kit- every aspect of collecting colostrum antenatally is covered to get your breastfeeding off to the best possible start before your bub is even born. You've totally got this Mama. Let's make your newest breastfeeding journey a success from the very beginning.

Inside this beautiful kit you will find:

1 x 1ml syringe with cap

5 x 3ml syringe with cap

4 x 5ml syringe with cap

1 x 30ml measuring cup with lid

10 x syringe labels

1 x instruction card

1 x luxe bag


Always make sure you seek the support of your health team prior to commencing antenatal collection of colostrum, as it's not advised for some pregnancies.


 Ps. I've shared in a blog how colostrum I collected prior to the birth of Mylee played such an important role 1 hour after her birth. Click here to take a read



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