ladybug silicone breast milk collector - 2 pack with storage bag

  • $58.99

The Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Breast Milk Collector is the perfect breast pad alternative for Mums who want to save every drop of breast milk and letdown instead of soaking it up.

The one piece design attaches to your breast with a gentle suction and sits securely and discreetly in your bra. This product is ideal for Mama's that leak breast milk and want to save it.

Note: If you're actively wanting to draw out more milk or build that stash in the freezer, the haakaa breast pump which you can view here may be better suited to you as it has a much stronger suction.

Why we love the ladybug? Because you can potter around home (or go out!) and collect breast milk on the go.  That's some beautiful multi-tasking right there!! It is completely portable and has small feet on the bottom to be able to stand up on a flat surface to prevent spills.

Once you have finished collecting your letdown, opwn the plug on the top and safely pour your milk into a container for storage.

Contents: 2 x 75ml Haakaa suction breast milk collectors & Camamel coloured storage case.


Customer Reviews

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Tiana N
Absolute godsend!

I use the ladybug collector with every feed! I have quite a lot of let down and being able to just pop it in my bra to collect my milk has enabled me to build a good stash in the freezer incase I ever need it! I had tried the Hakka previously but found it very fiddly to hold in place so these have been perfect!


First time customer & absolutely love the haaka, lady bug collectors & the choc chip cookies. Will definitely be ordering more!
Jewels has explained how to use everything so well & made it feel so effortlessly!
Highly recommend milk & cookies by jewels 🫶🏾

Samantha Stephens
Another great tool

I use hakaa pump quite a lot to collect milk for top ups for my slow growing bub, but wanted something more discreet that I can use when people are over or when I'm out as I hate using breast pads.
These are great, just a little suction that helps them hold in place. You don't get as much as a hakaa but still able to collect about 2/3 what I would normally get and don't leak through my shirt when I'm out.
I keep one in my breastfeeding kit at home and one in my nappy bag for going out. :-)

Ashleigh c
Ladybug silicone

Didn't work for me but my sister loves it

Catch every drop of precious milk!

I hate wasting anything, so I absolutely love these ladybugs! Super comfy to wear - I just pop them in while my babe is sleeping and I have even worn them to bed. It’s amazing how much milk would have been leaked into breast pads. At 8 wks post partum I’ve got a stash of over 700mls of milk, all caught in the ladybugs 😃 Can’t recommend these enough!