ballarat birth doula

ballarat doula

I'm sure you've heard this phrase many times before but I invite you to pause for a moment and absorb these words in their entirety. Something shifts deep within when we labour and birth. The version of us as a mother, either for the first time or as a re-entry into motherhood is life changing and identity shifting. 

Your birth is truly transformative and something you will circle back to over and over again in your lifetime. For this reason alone this sacred time and shift in your personal identity deserves profound support, non biased education & a bucket load of birth bestie support.  You're literally about to gain your wingwoman - your doula Jewels to be with you every step of your pregnancy, during birth through to postpartum.
Are you seeking an empowered birth?
One where you have an abundance of support, savvy education & love behind you to make informed birth decisions that truly align.
Is your ideal birth one where your space is protected with minimal hospital intervention?
protected space (physically & emotionally) = protected oxytocin.
This allows you to get into your beautiful birthing brain and truly surrender to the magical process that I know lies within you. I'll bridge the gap between you and the maternity system.
Would you love your own birth bestie to emotionally lean on during pregnancy, in birth suite that flows into your postpartum?
Because women get women (like on a super deep level).  You deserve a Jewels holding all the space for you


Once you find out you're pregnant, it's so normal to feel "ALL the feels".  Excited, nervous, overwhelmed, triggered- maybe a combo all at once. It's all ok.  I get it sweetheart and please know that I have literally got youI am all in for you.  I'm about to become your birth bestie and you will have unlimited support from myself every step of the way.  You can think of myself as your mindset coach, your personal cheerleader tucked in your back pocket

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I'll help you to surrender by working so closely with you to debrief your previous births and/or thoughts held around pregnancy and labour.  We'll address fears, challenge negative thought patterns and explore how you can anchor yourself during pregnancy, in birth suite and early postpartum. Together, we'll deep dive into the delicate dance of hormones during birth and how to best design your environment, select your birth team and adjust your mindset to maximise the flow of oxytocin and let your body and your baby do exactly what they need to do to birth.  

Our antenatal sessions together will cover extensive birth education such as how hormones work during labour, how to relax into labour, the magic of physiological birth, how to reframe the 'pain' of contractions and why the language we use matters.  We'll explore how to manage labour, optimal birthing positions to support your natural physiology, why hospital interventions can happen and how to advocate, navigate and adpapt to situations if they were to arise.  We'll explore the role of your partner in your birth and how the two of you can work together as a team to have a beautiful shared experienced.  Our time together antenatally provides the framework to mapping out your birth plan.  And that beautiful is just the beginning of what an empowered birth journey for you can look like.
ballarat birth doula

melbourne doula

ballarat birthworker
ballarat birth doula
Your birth shapes who you are for the rest of your life.
How you feel matters so, so much.
I've got you girl.
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