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During the fourth trimester, a mother experiences the BIGGEST hormonal shift of her life.  It's love-filled, messy, overwhelming and all-consuming at the same time. An extreme of polarities.  It culminates to a huge identify shift beautiful, one that takes time to navigate and piece together this new version of you.

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The phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" is one you would of heard of over and over again- but in our modern society where family and friends are leading their own busy lives, this idea of 'the village of support' feels elusive.  Unfortunately the slower pace days- filled resting in bed with your baby and all your food brought to your bedside is almost unheard of.  Mum depletion is all too common. I don't want you to just survive early postpartum, I want to see you flourish and thrive in this season of motherhood. You deserve this. 
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So I invite you gorgeous girl to make you a priority.
During our connection call we will intentionally map out what 'ideal' early postpartum would look like for you.  We'll explore exactly what  the postpartum pillars; rest, nourishment, warmth, touch, community and nature actually are and how together we can practically work them into this season for you so that your emotional, physical recovery & overall wellbeing can be best supported.
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Our in person time together (whilst individually tailored to your likes and needs) can include:
  • Birth debriefing so that you can process, facilitate healing and feel closure for such a transformational time of your life.
  • How to set and manage boundaries to protect this sacred time
  • How to stay connected with your partner and practical ways that they can support you in these early days
  • All the breastfeeding support, education and reassurance (because we all know that can be a biggie in the early days and one that becomes overwhelming for so many)
  • Watching your baby in your home so that you can have a rest or take a long, warm shower.
  • Soaking your feet in magnesium salts whilst giving your tired achey shoulders and upper back a massage
  • Caring for your newborn- swaddling, washing, changing and feeding
  • Meal prepping for you in your home
  • Domestic support around your home
  • Organising a meal train on your behalf with your loved ones

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