Are you a pregnant Mum to be looking for a reliable and effective way to manage the pain of contractions during your labor? If you're seeking a non-medicated pain relief option for your birth, I highly recommend the TENS machine as a must in your hospital bag.  I've witnessed it used time and time again in person with beautiful results.
tens machine hire available Australia wide

For those that have worked with myself as your doula, you will know that I use the word pain with caution as it's a triggering word and is often associated with negative thoughts.  Contractions or surges as I like to call them are powerful, good working pain.  It's pain with purposeI'll even go so far to say we want to surrender and open up the body, inviting the surges in.  You're about to meet your baby.  This is a good type of pain.  It's welcomed in this instance.  If you're keen to learn more about mindset work and reframing your thoughts around pain in labour and birth, please reach out to myself.

The best labour TENS available in Australia

The award winning Elle TENS machines are specifically designed to provide drug-free pain relief during labor by using gentle electrical pulses to stimulate your body's natural pain-blocking mechanisms. This can help you to stay in control of your labour experience, keep calm in your beautiful birthing brain and manage your discomfort in an effective way.
hire a tens machine to help you magnage the pain of contractions
Why Hire a TENS machine?
1. Convenience: Hiring the Elle TENS2 machine is a convenient and cost-effective option. You can choose to have the machine delivered to your doorstep, and once your baby is earthside, simply return it to myself in the pre-adressed mailer.
2. Easy to use: The Elle TENS machines are user-friendly and come with clear instructions. You don't need any special training or expertise to use them. Simply attach the electrodes to your back as per the instructions, adjust the settings to your comfort level, and let the machine do its magic.
3. Customisable settings: Every woman's pain tolerance is different You can adjust the intensity and frequency of the electrical pulses to suit your individual needs and preferences.
4. Safe and drug-free option: Using an Elle TENS machine is a safe and drug-free way to manage labor pain. It doesn't have any harmful side effects for you or your baby.
The details:
  • 6 week hire- The ELLE TENS 2 (includes a contraction timer) will be posted to you at 36weeks gestation
  • Included in your kit is the ELLE TENS 2, lead wires, 1 x set of electrical pads, instruction guide + new batteries.
  • Pre-paid and pre-addressed Australia Post return mailer for easy postage back to myself
  • Investment: $59 for 6 week hire
Your birth shapes who you are for the rest of your life.
Having resources and tools to draw upon in your labour is an important part of birth
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